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For your convenience, this website uses cookies and related technologies, inter alia, to adjust to the users needs and for statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by a website, which is visited by a user, to the computer of the user.

Cookies are used by the websites, which are referred to, when displaying, e.g., multimedia or components of social networking sites

Settings related to cookies may be altered in your browser. If you have not altered settings in your browser, you are assumed to accept that cookies.

This website uses performance cookies to monitor the use of the website and functional cookies to record information about settings that you have made.

Other sites that include materials shown in this website may also use cookies.

Cookie security level may be set in each browser:

Cookie security level may be set in your browser. You can even totally block cookies. It increases security and data protection level but, at the same time, it may disable some functions, e.g. logging in to your e-mail box.

Customising cookie settings in the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome

Go to menu (right upper corner), and click Settings > Advanced Settings. Under "Privacy" section select Content Settings. Then under "Cookie Files" alter the following settings: 

Removing cookie files

Blocking cookies by default

Allowing cookies by default

Keeping cookies and site data by default until you quit your browser

Making exceptions for cookies from specific websites or domains

Internet Explorer 6.0 i 7.0

Go to menu (right upper corner), and then Tools > Internet Settings > Privacy, and click Websites button. Moving the slider you can set desired level and confirm your selection by clicking OK.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to menu and then Tools > Options > Privacy, and activate Firefox checkbox: "will be using the user's settings."

Select cookies by checking/unchecking Accept Cookies


Go to menu and then Tools > Preferences > Advanced Settings.

Select cookies by checking/unchecking Cookies option


In Safari pull-down menu you need to select Preferences and click Security icon. Then you can select security level in "Accept cookie files" section.

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