CLASSIC SERIES is a line of popular metal roofings perfectly matched to the roof design. It consists of different roofing tile profiles, manufactured in the form of metal sheet cut to specific dimension according to order. 

The line of classic metal roofing tiles covers three already known products of recognized renown: ALFA®, OMEGA® and GAMMA®. In 2020, the CLASSIC SERIES is complemented by two completely new profiles: BAVARIA Roof. 



The most important features of CLASSIC SERIES roofing tiles:


Metal sheets cut to dimension are perfectly matched to a specific roof design. 

The 3D cutting according to the wave shape* that hides horizontal joints of the sheets, significantly improves aesthetics of the roof finish.

The ready made holes* in the vertical ribs facilitate fast and tight fitting of the sheets. Not only easier installation but also much shorter installation time (applies to version with rib 30 mm and higher).

Available in all colours, thicknesses and types of coating.

*Does not apply to OMEGA® roofing tile.

  • BAVARIA Roof

    BAVARIA Roof is a expressive, characterful pattern, well known to roofers and willingly chosen by customers, which we have enriched with the latest technological solutions.

  • ALFA® plus
    The 350 or 400mm ALFA®plus module provides more possibilities, which, consequently, translate into greater satisfaction. The ALFA®plus module has been touched up in every aspect, demonstrating its charm on all sides of the house… and the world. Choose a roof of unique character.
  • OMEGA®

    The OMEGA® roof tile is quite distinctive, when compared to the previously available models. It has a characteristic line and high front, which offers the semblance of classic heaviness, typical for cement and ceramic tiles. The OMEGA® roof tile is both austere and beautiful, light and at the same time solid, majestic and within reach.

  • GAMMA®

    GAMMA® tin tiles make moderm roofing, whose shape is very similar to conventional ceramic roofing-tiles.

    Particular feature of the GAMMA® tin tiles is their symetrical shape, which makes their assembly very easy; moreover final visual effect of the roofing is exceptionally aesthetic thanks to precise pressing of the tiles.