COMPACT SERIES is a new product line combining features of roofing tiles cut to dimension and modular solutions. These roofings are made based on classic metal roofing tiles but in a form of light two-modular sheets. The COMPACT products, like the modular roofing tiles, have a series of benefits related to transport, installation and storage. 

Within the scope of COMPACT SERIES, two new profiles are available, made based on renowned classic roofing tiles: ALFA® and GAMMA®. Extended by the features of compact roofing tiles, available under the names: ALFA®2.0 and GAMMA®2.0. The series is complemented by compact variants of two profiles new on the market: BAVARIA Roof. In COMPACT version:  BAVARIA Roof 2.0. 



The most important features of COMPACT SERIES roofing tiles:


The form of two-modular sheets facilitates loading, transport and unloading, but first and foremost it facilitates and accelerates installation. Light and small sheets mean more comfortable delivery to a roof and safe storage.


Pobierz obrazkiThe 3D cutting according to the wave shape that hides horizontal joints of the sheets, significantly improves aesthetics of the roof finish. 



The ready made holes in the vertical ribs facilitate fast and tight fitting of the sheets. This does not only facilitate installation, but significantly accelerates works (applies to versions with rib 30 mm and higher).



compact series

Available in wide range of colours and coating types.




  • BAVARIA Roof 2.0

    BAVARIA®Roof 2.0 is a expressive, characterful pattern, well known to roofers and willingly chosen by customers, which we have enriched with the latest technological solutions.

  • ALFA® 2.0

    ALFA® 2.0  provides more possibilities, which, consequently, translate into greater satisfaction. 

  • GAMMA® 2.0

    Dachówki blaszane GAMMA® 2.0 to nowoczesne pokrycia dachowe których kształt wzorowany jest na formie klasycznych dachówek ceramicznych,