Modular Roofing Tiles


MODULAR SERIES version i.e. state-of-the-art line of modular roofings fitted with innovative technological solutions and perfectly finished from the aesthetics standpoint. The roofing tiles are made in the form of modular sheets that significantly facilitate and accelerate transport, installation and storage. This exceptionally effective solution, is appreciated for the optimization of work costs and reduction of waste to necessary minimum.

Our series of modular roof tiles represent two renowned profiles in two variants. Basic: IZI®Roof and ZET®Roof and completely deprived of visible screws, known as IZI®Look and ZET®Look.

The MODULAR SERIES is distinguished by features that are common only for this class of products:

  • Advanced technological solutions, representing proprietary innovations on the market of roofing tiles, made with attention to the smallest details and impeccable precision because of automated production lines.
  • High "Z" shaped rib is a legally protected solution that causes deep shadows between the modules. Therefore, the roofing presents one of the kind dynamic form under all lighting conditions and protects the cut edges against corrosion.
  • Professional packing includes styrofoam spacers, dedicated cover with reusable bands, stretch foil and clamping belts. Their application secures the modules, reduces hazards of damage and abrasion during loading, transport and unloading.
  • The guarantee covering 55 years for selected coatings confirms the quality of products on the roofing market, supported by objective laboratory examinations.
  • The guaranteed repeatability of colour and structure is ensured in the guarantee card.
  • Dedicated TORX screws, (IZI® Roof, ZET® Roof), i.e. less visibility of fasteners resulting in better aesthetics of the roofing.
  • IZI®

    IZI® is a bi-module sheet metal roof tile, designed with attention to the greatest detail. Its perfectly matching flat surface impresses with modest elegance and a futuristic character, providing roofing that is resistant to time and passing trends.

  • ZET®

    ZET® modular metal tile is a product clearly different from the solutions available on the market. A number of distinguishing features bring significant benefits from using this product.

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