Sandwich panels are used in the investment construction engineering, especially where the cost and construction time are really important. Constructiom time is reduced by 50-60% in relation to traditional solutions. Due to low weight, transportation of the sandwich panels does not entail the use of heavy duty transportation means. A number of structural benefits significantly improve the construction process:

  • quick and easy installation;
  • comparably easy disassembly;
  • minimum quantity of finishing works;
  • perfect effect of thermal insulation of division walls;
  • energy efficiency.

Another advantage is an option to install sandwich panels at low temperatures, thus not being, so that the works can be carried out even during the winter season.

The Sandwich panels are composite prefabricated elements that consist of thee layers: external and internal cladding and the structural and insulating core. The core of the sandwich panels is responsible for thermal and acoustic insulating power as well as for fire-proofness and the cladding serves the structural role that guarantees high mechanical strength. The BLACHPROFIL® 2 offer includes sandwich panels with three types of the core: CorePUR, CorePIR, CoreWOOL.


Special design of the joint in the sandwich panels ensures tightness and minimizes the losses of thermal insulating power at the joints. That is why the longitudinal joints (i.e. :locks") in the on-wall sandwich panels BLACHPROFIL 2® are conical. Because of this special design, they can be characterized with better water- and fire proofness as well as air-tightness. Such design of the locks improves the load-carrying parameters and rigidity of the panel, and significantly facilitates and accelerates installation, minimizing the risk of damage at the same time.

On-wall sandwich panels with visible fastening

 On-wall sandwich panels with visible fastening


On-wall sandwich panels with hidden fastening


 On-wall sandwich panels with hidden fastening


Roof sandwich panels


 Roof sandwich panels



Specification of the sandwich panels

The sandwich panels panels are prefabricated construction elements consisting of three layers: structural and insulating core and two claddings that serve construction functions. The most important factor for durability, load-carrying capacity and rigidity of the sandwich panels is the claddings and core assembly across the whole surface so that all layers cooperate with each other during panel operation.



The sandwich panels core decides about acoustic and thermal insulating power as well as fire-proofness. Quality of the material the core is made of and proper design of joints geometry that ensure tightness are responsible for the highest technical parameters. The BLACHPROFIL 2® offer includes sandwich panels with three types of the core:


PUR – polyurethane foam of density 40 ± 3 [kg/m3]. Because of many closed cells it provides great vapour barrier, thermal insulation and anti-mould properties. The foam can be characterized by exceptional durability and maintains long-term mechanical properties.

PIR – polyisocyanurate foam of higher isocyanate content. It can be characterized with significantly higher fire-proofness and maintains full thermal insulation properties. Density: 42 ± 3 [kg/m3]

Wool – hard, fire-retardant, rock-based mineral wool of density 100 ±10 [kg/m3]. The greatest advantage of it is its fire-proofness incomparable with other material as well as high rigidity and mechanical strength owed to basalt fibres laid perpendicularly to the claddings.


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