The 350 or 400mm ALFA®plus module provides more possibilities, which, consequently, translate into greater satisfaction. The ALFA®plus module has been touched up in every aspect, demonstrating its charm on all sides of the house… and the world. Choose a roof of unique character.

Technical specification

Effective width: 1100 mm
Total width: 1183 mm
Module length: 350 / 400 mm
Max recommended sheet length: 6110 mm
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Height profile: 43 mm
Stamping stroke length: 20 mm
Weight: ~5 kg

Product features:

  • the product offers the following module length,
  • options: 350 or 400 mm+ classic shape,
  • two available heights of forming: 20 or 15 mm.



Coatings and colours

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  • Clamping systems

    Since these accessories constitute the integral part of the roof covering, they must meet the highest requirements.

  • Silicones

    The Profi Line roof work is a specially designed silicone mix, intended for the making of flexible joints between sheets, roof work, gutters etc. They come in the standard, universal colours: colourless, brown and red. They are recommended by experts.

  • Roof windows

    Installing BLACHPROFIL 2® roof windows allows for loft space to be developed, providing its complete illumination.

  • Silver foil

    The vapour-permeable roof membranes are intended to protect the roof structure and loft space of a building against unfavourable external factors, such as rainfall, leaks, dust, and dirt. The membrane also conveys the excessive moisture outside the building, using the micro-perforations. They can be used in all types of slanted roofs.




    Application of a right gutter system allows for effective water discharge from roofing, which is vital for its durability and functionality. It also protects the building’s facade from damages caused by moisture.

  • Touch-up paints

    Touch-up paints are used to protect cut edges and any possible damages to the surface coating when installing. In addition to the protective function, they help to maintain the aesthetics of the roof in top shape.