BAVARIA® Roof is a expressive, characterful pattern, well known to roofers and willingly chosen by customers, which we have enriched with the latest technological solutions.


Technical specification

Effective width: 1120 mm
Total width: 1206 mm
Thickness of steel sheet: 0,5 mm
Total profile height: 45/50/60 mm
Rib height for the module 350: 25/30/40 mm
Rib height for the module 400: 25 mm
Module length: min. 1160 mm, max. 6110 mm
Weight: ~ 4,5 kg/m2
Length of an overlap, when separating metal sheets: 20 mm
The following product can be found in the BP2 BIM library for architects and designers.


Steel roof tiles bavaria roof



Symmetrical installation

Design of the metal sheet roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® allows for installing in any direction (from the left or right).


Steel roof tiles bavaria roof

3D cutting, installation holes

Steel roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® are cut according to the wave shape, therefore the horizontal joints of the sheets are not visible. Steel roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® with ribs with the height of 30 mm and 40 mm have installation holes on the vertical ribs.

Steel roof tiles CLASSIC SERIES

Coatings and colours

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  • High-pass membrane

    Roofing membranes are used as the base coating level beneath the inclined roofing. They prevent the wind from pushing rain and snow through to the thermal insulation and the roof construction. They protect from condensation forming under the base roofing. In addition, owing to their high vapour permeability, they keep the roof dry, which significantly decreases energy consumption.

  • Clamping systems

    Since these accessories constitute the integral part of the roof covering, they must meet the highest requirements.

  • Silicones

    The Profi Line roof work is a specially designed silicone mix, intended for the making of flexible joints between sheets, roof work, gutters etc. They come in the standard, universal colours: colourless, brown and red. They are recommended by experts.

  • Roof windows

    Installing BLACHPROFIL 2® roof windows allows for loft space to be developed, providing its complete illumination.

  • Skylights

    Corrugated and trapezoid PVC  The corrugated and trapezoid PVC panels belong to the so-called thermoplastics. They are manufactured according to a unique, patented method of biaxial orientation.

  • Sealing tapes

    We strongly recommend the PURS sealing tapes, made of flexible polyurethane foam, impregnated with suspended acrylic polymer.

  • Ventilation chimney

    Ventilation chimney – a unique structure, which can be adjusted to the roof inclination, in the 20-50 degree range, and combined both with the steel roofing tiles and trapezoid sheets.

  • Communication

    It has been designed for profiled roof coverings, made of zinc-coated steel and powder-painted. Cladshield provides an easy and safe access to chimneys, antennas and other elements that require inspection or maintenance.

  • Insulating flanges

    Designed for profiled roofing with flexible base and insulating cover, can be bent to fit different profiles and roof inclines. Absorbs vibrations and pipe displacement caused by expansion and contraction. Made of EPDM, provides maximum resistance to ozone (70 h/50 PPH) and ultraviolet radiation, has a temperature range from -55 to +100 degrees C. It adapts easily to a wide range of pipes and vents of different diameters

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