BAVARIA® Roof 2.0 is a expressive, characterful pattern, well known to roofers and willingly chosen by customers, which we have enriched with the latest technological solutions.


Technical specification

Effective width: 1120 mm
Total width: 1206 mm
Thickness of steel sheet: 0,5 mm
Total profile height: 50/60 mm
Height of forming: 30/40 mm
Module length: 350 mm
Weight: ~ 4,5 kg/m2
Effective area (cladding) of a single sheet: 0,784 m2
The following product can be found in the BP2 BIM library for architects and designers.


dachówki kompaktowe bavaria 2.0


Symmetrical installation

Design of the compact sheet roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® 2.0 allows for installing in any direction (from the left or right).

bavaria roof 2.0

3D cutting, installation holes

Compact roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® 2.0 are cut according to the wave shape, therefore the horizontal joints of the sheets are not visible. Compact roof tiles BAVARIA Roof® 2.0 have installation holes on the vertical ribs.

bavaria roof 2.0

Coatings and colours

Download files

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