It has been designed for profiled roof coverings, made of zinc-coated steel and powder-painted. Cladshield provides an easy and safe access to chimneys, antennas and other elements that require inspection or maintenance. It is delivered with stainless screws, used to join the elements. The available RAL colours: 3004 – red, 6020 – olive, 7016 – anthracite, 8004 – brick-red, and 8017 – brown. 


The maximum distance between the bench brackets should not exceed 800mm. If there are a number of benches installed in a line, it is required to use the connectors for chimney-sweeping benches. The steps and benches must be installed on a wooden structure – do not mount them on the roof covering alone! Prior to the installing of the bracket, it is recommended to back it with a 9x5mm PCVS gasket, placed in two rows, so as to create a distance between the bracket and the covering coat. Assembly openings are to be sealed with a roofing silicone. 

The products have the attestation of the National Institute of Public Health and the ITB AT-15-3360/04 approval.