Wall sandwich board with mineral wool and visible mounting


Technical specification

Tile thickness [mm] 50/80/100/120/150
Core wool density 100 kg/m3
Effective width 1000 mm
Total width 1018 mm
Weight 1/m2 12,7–25,4 kg
Min. plate length 2,50 mb
Max. plate length 13,50 mb
Sheet thickness out./ inn. 0,5 –0,6 / 0,5–0,6 mm
Factor U [W/m2k] 0,78/ 0,50/ 0,41/ 0,34/ 0,28
Profiling type external/internal MDD – Wave/Grooved FDD – Wave/Grooved perforated

It is possible to produce longer sandwich boards and with non-standard types of profiling.Details must be agreed individually with marketing department.




Profiling types:

Coatings and colours