GAMMA® tin tiles make moderm roofing, whose shape is very similar to conventional ceramic roofing-tiles.

Particular feature of the GAMMA® tin tiles is their symetrical shape, which makes their assembly very easy; moreover final visual effect of the roofing is exceptionally aesthetic thanks to precise pressing of the tiles. 

Technical specification

Effective width: 1150 mm
Total width: 1212 mm
Module length: 350 / 400 mm
Max. zalecana długość arkusza: 6020 mm
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Height profile: 45 / 50 mm
Stamping stroke length: 25 / 30 mm
Weight: ~4,5 kg

This roofing has light weight of about 4,5 kg/m2 and if this feature is considred along with quick assembly, it proves to be perfect solution for both new, and renovated roofs eg. in historic buildings.
GAMMA® tin tiles are very aesthetic products. Hight-quality pressing, interesting & symetric shape, as well as cut corrspondings to wave profile, allowed achieving exceptional visual effect.




Product features:

  • high ribbing: 25 or 30 mm,
  • shape inspired by classic ceramic tiles,
  • symmetric profile – reduction of scrap material,
  • cutting in line with the wave shape – invisible sheet joints,
  • length of overlap – only 20 mm.







Coatings and colours

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  • High-pass membrane

    Roofing membranes are used as the base coating level beneath the inclined roofing. They prevent the wind from pushing rain and snow through to the thermal insulation and the roof construction. They protect from condensation forming under the base roofing. In addition, owing to their high vapour permeability, they keep the roof dry, which significantly decreases energy consumption.


    Ridge tiles and roof work are an inherent element of every properly executed roof covering. They provide protection against trickling and blowing and, simultaneously, they add an aesthetic value to the appearance of the roof.

  • Roof windows

    Installing BLACHPROFIL 2® roof windows allows for loft space to be developed, providing its complete illumination.

  • Ventilation chimney

    Ventilation chimney – a unique structure, which can be adjusted to the roof inclination, in the 20-50 degree range, and combined both with the steel roofing tiles and trapezoid sheets.


    BLACHPROFIL 2® provides low- and high-processed steel material, used in the manufacture of a variety of products. We have a line for the cutting and splitting of flat metal sheets, as well as for recoiling steel coils.




    Application of a right gutter system allows for effective water discharge from roofing, which is vital for its durability and functionality. It also protects the building’s facade from damages caused by moisture.

  • Touch-up paints

    Touch-up paints are used to protect cut edges and any possible damages to the surface coating when installing. In addition to the protective function, they help to maintain the aesthetics of the roof in top shape.