Roofing membranes are used as the base coating level beneath the inclined roofing. They prevent the wind from pushing rain and snow through to the thermal insulation and the roof construction. They protect from condensation forming under the base roofing. In addition, owing to their high vapour permeability, they keep the roof dry, which significantly decreases energy consumption.

Technical specification

Material: polypropylene
Length: 50 (-0%)
Width [m]: 1,6 (-0,5/+1,5%)
Straightness [mm]: max 30 per 10 [m]
Weight: 150 (+/- 20)
Dimensional stability [%]: lengthwise +/- 3; +/-1 crosswise
Air permeability at positive and negative pressure differential +/- [m3/(m2 x h x 50 Pa)]: ≤ 0,1

- high and uniform vapour permeability
- flexibility and low weight for easy installation
- waterproofing that protects the roof
- high mechanical strength
- high resistance to UV radiation
- exhaustive information ensuring correct application