Application of a right gutter system allows for effective water discharge from roofing, which is vital for its durability and functionality. It also protects the building’s facade from damages caused by moisture.



INGURI® 125/87 and 150/00 are complete gutter systems made of highest quality steel, coated organically or with Aluzinc metallic coats. All systems’ elements are designed in a way that assures easy alignment and quick installation. The shape and depth of gutters assure effective water discharge, even during intense and long rainfalls.

The material for manufacturing INGURI® gutters is provided by renowned steel producers, delivering the highest quality steel in form of galvanized and coated Aluzinc sheets, which are the charge material for producing gutters.


A careful selection of the charge material providers has a direct influence on quality and durability of our products, which are resistant to corrosion and dye penetration. Therefore, the INGURI® gutter systems are covered by a long-term warranty period












The shape of INGURI® gutter systems has been specifically designed to provide high efficiency in the discharge of water from rainfall. It is deep and appropriately shaped to effectively discharge water from the roof without the risk of overflowing even in the most intense rainfall. Standard 4-m and 2-m gutters are available. Other lengths are available upon individual request.




Outer corner

Aesthetic and functional gutter connection in the building’s quoins is possible thanks to our corner system. We offer outer and inner corners of a standard 90° angle or 135° angle.








Gutter joist

Element joist allows for additionally attach the gutter to the roof. This prevents the gutter from deforming or detaching due to overload, e.g. caused by sliding snow.









Corner cover

The cover prevents water from overflowing in the bend. This is especially important when the cover is installed on an internal corner, which receives large amounts of water from valley gutters. It is also ornamental.





Gutter end cap

An element used to close the gutter at its ends. The offered cap has large depth, and comes with a seal.







Gutter connector

Individual gutter sections or the gutter and the corner are joined using dedicated connectors. INGURI® systems are equipped with clamp connectors (latching mechanism) to ensure strong and durable joints for fast and easy installation. The connector is equipped with a seal, which ensures tight joint. It is also made of sheet metal identical in colour to the gutter, which provides high aesthetic quality. The connector is also equipped with a stabiliser to make the joint even more rigid.






Gutter end cap

An element used to close the gutter at its ends. The offered cap has large depth, and comes with a seal.








Drain pipe elbow 

Drain pipe elbow allows to shape the gutter system with roofing and façade. The offered product is angled at 63°.









Drain pipe

The INGURI® system drain pipes are of 3/1 m lengths and fi = 87/100 m sections. They carry water downwards. Fastening to the facade is accomplished using dedicated clamps maintaining proper distance from the wall.










This elements stops any pollutants flowing in the water, such as leaves, feathers or twigs, and allows for their removal. This helps the system remain clean and fully functional.













Tee pipe

If there is a need to carry water off from two drain pipes to the spout, a tee pipe should be applied. Our product allows to change the angle of incline of the connected pipe, which facilitates installation









The exit part of the gutter system is spout, which carries water off from the drain pipe. The offered product has an angle of 63° and the following dimensions: fi = 87 mm or fi = 100 mm.












Drain pipes are joined using sleeves. Solid structure of this element assures maximum joint tightness.








Drain pipe clamp half

Pipe clamp with dowel Our offer includes two types of clamps: ones with fixture holes for any kind of fixing, and ones with a dedicated drove fastener, which comes in four standard lengths: 80, 120, 160 and 200 mm.








Clamp dowels

We provide clamp dowels in four lengths: 120, 160, 200 and 250 mm.










Gutter hooks

Gutter hooks are very important elements of a gutter system. Their quality and durability is vital for the system’s endurance and proper functioning. Our offer includes two kinds of hooks in few length variants, which allows to select an optimum solution for any kind of roofing: Top rafter hook in 70, 160, 210, 300 mm variants Face hook.










Coatings and colours

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