The roof (with a de-watering groove) and façade trapezoid sheet, which has a unique pattern (similar to T-18 Economic) and additional ribs. It improves the stiffness of the structure and provides an elegant appearance, with a touch of austerity. It is often used in the designing of petrol stations and as a covering of silos, heating boilers, as well as on ceilings and formwork filled with concrete.

Technical specification

Effective width: 1035 mm
Total width: ~1070 mm
Max recommended sheet length: 12 000mm
Thickness: 0,5-1,0 mm
Height profile: 34 mm

Coatings and colours

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  • Clamping systems

    Since these accessories constitute the integral part of the roof covering, they must meet the highest requirements.

  • Silicones

    The Profi Line roof work is a specially designed silicone mix, intended for the making of flexible joints between sheets, roof work, gutters etc. They come in the standard, universal colours: colourless, brown and red. They are recommended by experts.