Property developments are often completed under the pressure of time. In addition, industrial facilities must conform to strict safety requirements, insulation properties, etc. The BLACHPROFIL 2® wall tray is designed to serve precisely that purpose. The product, used as an internal systemic element for facade coatings, is primarily characterised by its quick and easy assembly. Additional properties include high durability and low weight. The trays can be thermally insulated on site and the insulation material is easily installed. Any trapezoid section in the vertical arrangement can be used as an external finishing.       

Technical specification

Wall trays are available in 4 widths:




The wall trays are attached to the support pillars [1]. If the trays are made of steel, the use of rivets is recommended [3]. In all other cases, the connectors are individually matched with the material from which the pillars are made. The sealing tape is placed along the pillars [2], on the front of the tray [5] and between the trays [6]. Use 4.8 x 20mm connectors [4] for  fastening vertically connected trays. Maintain a ~1cm distance for horizontally connected trays [7], in order to enable the structure to operate smoothly.


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  • Clamping systems

    Since these accessories constitute the integral part of the roof covering, they must meet the highest requirements.