The unique design of ZET®look modular tiles is stressed by taking out any visible screws from roof surface. Thanks to the advanced yet exceptionally simple installation system, the screws are concealed under the sheets. This results in an attractive roof covering with a symmetrical pattern and harmony undisturbed by any fasteners.

Technical specification

Effective width: 1150 mm
Total width: ~1212 mm
Module length: 363 mm
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Height profile: 50 mm
Stamping stroke length: 30 mm

Moreover, the following advantages of ZET®roof tiles are preserved in the ZET®look range:

  • high stamping with Z-shape ribs (solution protected by law) making the roof covering resemble traditional ceramic roof tiles;
  • Z-shaped ribs causing deep shadows between the modules. This makes the roof emanate with a unique and dynamic form in any lighting conditions.
  • any installation direction possible for the contractor thanks to symmetrical shape. Symmetrical sheets allow also a staggered tile layout to be achieved, in which individual rows of sheets are shifted one to another;
  • modular form and compact size enabling cost-effective transport, storage and on-site work organisation;
  • dedicated range of accessories in addition to this carefully crafted roofing system.








Sheets of the modular ZET®look roof tile are installed using a system of perforation, with elements deformed to adjoin the batten surface. Therefore, the overlapping part (concealed under the subsequent sheet) has been extended as compared to ZET®roof.




Coatings and colours

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  • Clamping systems

    Since these accessories constitute the integral part of the roof covering, they must meet the highest requirements.


    Ridge tiles and roof work are an inherent element of every properly executed roof covering. They provide protection against trickling and blowing and, simultaneously, they add an aesthetic value to the appearance of the roof.

  • Silicones

    The Profi Line roof work is a specially designed silicone mix, intended for the making of flexible joints between sheets, roof work, gutters etc. They come in the standard, universal colours: colourless, brown and red. They are recommended by experts.

  • Sealants

    This is a self-adhesive, bituminous tape, intended for the sealing and quick repairs of roofs, balconies, terraces and facades. It is made of a water-proof material, resistant to tearing, weather conditions and UV radiation. It is adhesive to most surfaces.

  • Sealing tapes

    We strongly recommend the PURS sealing tapes, made of flexible polyurethane foam, impregnated with suspended acrylic polymer.