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Basic features: 

  • Expansive mechanism for on-the-spot offer construction and quoting to the customer.
  • Personalised offers with any discount.
  • Easy import of data from RS Dachy cost calculation software.
  • Always up-to-date price list.
  • Configurable price lists.
  • Easy and quick order entry.
  • The possibility of correcting unaccepted orders.
  • Full order status information.
  • Access to payments (balance).


Our service provides an interactive data exchange platform allowing fast and intuitive access to information needed in order to provide professional customer services.

eProfil mobile application

To install the application on a smartphone or tablet download it directly to the device.

In the case of the Android operating system, the device has to be configured to allow apps from sources other that the Play store (Settings -> Applications -> Uknown sources).

In the case of Apple's iOS operating system you are required to add an application to the trusted list of programs. To Add E-PROFILE mobile to the trusted list of programs, go to Settings -> General -> Profile -> Blachprofil2 sp. ZO O. -> click Trust "Blachprofil2 sp. ZO O." The application should open correctly.

Select your operating system and click on the link below:





Your orders

The service allows you to create new orders, and puts your orders, items, status, phone numbers and other information at your fingertips.









Price List

Thanks to the price list function, you can always check up-to-date prices. The app also allows you to configure your own price lists showing current prices enetered just for you.










Now you can check your balance, view your invoices and download them directly to your device.









Price calculations

The app allows you to create and view offers. You can edit already created offers and check your profit based on them.





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